Stop, Breathe and Relax

Monday’s can be non-stop in the HealthFirst Liverpool Group and after attending one of our relaxation sessions last week family carer Kate Barrett offered to come along and facilitate a Relaxation session for the group.

So far the group have had a range of relaxation CD’s that we use, we darken the room, have candles and unplug the phone.  Kate did a guided relaxation for everyone and it got a massive thumbs up!

Cally said “I really enjoyed that, it was even better than the CD’s I feel rested and ready for choir, it was great.”

Kat said “It was good, I drifted away and relaxed, Kate did a really good job.”

A big thank you to Kate for volunteering her time to the group and we hope she can do this again soon.  To find out more about what goes on in the HealthFirst Liverpool Group ring 0151 707 6751


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