Road Ahead – The Future and Elections

The Road Ahead had a very busy afternoon.  After Michelle had left MB  and Ash Co-Chaired one last meeting together.  This is because next week we will be holding elections for the new Road Ahead Chairperson, Secretary and Time Keeper.  MB will not be able to stand as Chair again as he has been in post for 2 years and been a superb Chairperson.  MB explained to the group that the job of the Chairperson is to:

  • Represent People First Merseyside
  • Be able to come to all of the meeting regularly
  • Give everyone a chance to speak.
  • Keep meetings in order and follow the agenda.
  • Keep a diary and attend meetings
  • Keeps to the rules.
  • Keeps confidentiality.

Kyle our Secretary wasn’t in so Kat told the group that the job of the Secretary is:

  • Make sure notes are typed up
  • Check the diary for meetings and events.
  • Be professional
  • Be organised

Finally Lewis who is our Timekeeper told the group that the Timekeeper has to:

  • Be able to come to meetings
  • Be professional
  • Be on time
  • Keep a diary
  • Keep the meetings to time

The people who would like to stand for Chairperson are:

  • Lewis
  • Ash
  • Kat

Good luck everyone!!

People then went through their diaries to check everything was up to date and everyone was clear on what they are doing and where.  People are doing so much independently and Jeanette has helped so many people to move on to other things that they enjoy and want to try that as the group had the chance to take the time to do this they chose to hold an impromptu diary meeting.



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