Our Organisation, Our Group, Our Responsibility

The HealthFirst Liverpool Group have had a really busy morning and had to work our way through a huge list of jobs.  The group decided who should do what and supported each other to make sure all of the jobs were done.

Patrick said “I think we’ve worked really well.  We’ve done the jobs that each of us are good at.  Tracy is excellent at reading and writing so she has sorted out the menu that we need to place for everyone on the barge tomorrow.  Shirley is good at organising so me, Eric and Shirley have been putting together the song books for the Friends and Voices Choir.  Eric is going to be in charge of them in the future and collect them in at the end of each session.   We’ve worked hard.”

Alex who is good with money went to the shops with Kat to get some things we needed for the office.  Alex said “I got the money mixed up with my money but it wasn’t a problem.  I used the calculator on my phone when I  got back from the office and added up the receipts and worked out what change there should be.  Jo helped me and I’d worked it out right.”

We’ve all had to do jobs that needed doing and were important and it is really satisfying when you tick them off and even better when we do it ourselves and help each other.

Well done everyone.


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