New Director’s For People First Merseyside – Liverpool

This year we have 3 brand new Directors on the Board from Liverpool so everyone was really excited and wanted to know what it was like to be on the Board for the first time.

Tracy said “I thought it was hard work but I did enjoy it.  It’s good experience for me as I’ve not done this before and I’m going to work hard.”

Eric said “I enjoyed it, it was a really good experience even though there were hard words i didn’t know I put my hand up and asked.  It was good to meet the volunteer Directors too.”

MB said “I thought the start of the Board of Directors meeting was so exciting and we got to know each other more.  Now I am the Chair Person of the Liverpool Group it is my job to share with the Board what we are doing and the things that self advocacy can achieve.”

Everyone in the group are so proud of the new Board Members – well done!


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