Name a fantastic way to get fit, have fun and have a great laugh with your friends ….

That’s right, line dancing with our amazing teacher Barbara at the MPAC Building every Tuesday at 1pm with the HealthFirst Liverpool Group!

We have a big project coming up and everyone is working hard to learn the routines.  Lisa said “It is brilliant I feel alot fitter and I can see I’ve improved so much.  I can’t talk about our plans but I can say I can’t wait!”

This afternoon we have had a fantastic time line dancing, we’ve had Cally come along for the first time and she said “I love it.  Everyone is dead good so I’m going on facebook and learning the moves because I want to be up to everyone elses standard as soon as I can, it was boss, I love the music.”

To find out more call 0151 707 6751.



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