HealthFirst versus Henshaws Boccia at it’s Best!

Today we had boccia with Josh from Healthiness Ltd and this will be every Thursday at 2pm.  We were really grateful to have some people come along from Henshaw’s to mix things up a bit  and they really did!

A big thank you to Pat, Stella and Linda who played “blues” against our Liverpool Group “reds” – we had lots of fun and Josh was a superb referee when making those tough decisions!  Both teams played fantastically but the HealthFirst Group were eventually beaten 5-3 – well done to Henshaws!

We also had April who is a member of People First come along for the first time and said “I really enjoyed it – I didn’t like losing though!”  April had a hammer like through and really split the balls up, but it was the cool poise of the ladies from Henshaws that won through!

To see one of the matches check out our People First Merseyside facebook page and to find out more call 0151 707 6751 – thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a fun and friendly day!


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