Best AGM Ever!!!

Yesterday’s AGM has to have been the best AGM EVER!  We had wonderful feedback from our guests – people said:

“I had no idea all of the things that you, I thought I knew about People First Merseyside but I didn’t know a quarter of what goes on here – the work you are doing is amazing!”

“It’s not just the people that we support that you help, as a member of staff we watch what you do and we take it away with us and implement things in our jobs to help everyone – you make a difference.”

It was great to see Gary Spinks who used to be the Development Worker for People First Merseyside in Sefton and thank you for coming along to support us it was wonderful to see you!

We began the day with presentations from each of the groups talking about the work they we do.  We then moved to the important business of the Board of Director’s.

This year the people stepping down were Phil Hume, Joe Collister, Kat Dubber and Patrick Burke.  They have all worked so hard and Phil said “It’s been a journey.  I’ve learned so much and we have really helped each other to improve and to understand as being on the Board of Director’s is a hard job but really rewarding.  I’d like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity.  I’ve been on the Board for 8 years now and I’m stepping down and giving someone else a chance.”

We had 6 people stand for the 3 Director spaces in Liverpool they were Joe Collister, Kat Dubber, Lewis Scott, Geraldine Crawley, Tracy Wynne and Eric Baig.    It was a very close race but our 3 new Directors for Liverpool are:

  • Geraldine Crawley
  • Eric Baig
  • Tracy Wynne

Eric said “I can’t believe it, I didn’t think I’d be voted on, I’m going to do a good job and speak up.”

Geraldine said “I feel proud, I’m going to work hard and help everyone and be a part of the team, I can’t wait for the first Board meeting.”

Tracy said “I’m not going to let the members down and I’m going to do a good job and be on time and professional.”

There were 2 Director spaces in Sefton and Simon Walker and Rebecca Ferguson were successful and are both really excited about being on the Board.

KB who has been a Volunteer Director stepped down from the Board and everyone would like to thank her for all her hard work and commitment – she has been superb at supporting and encouraging our members to try things, get involved and feel confident.

Laura Yates from the Bluecoat came along to talk about the work that the Road Ahead had done with her on the Blueroom Transitions “Missing” project and showed a film that they had made over the summer – it was a terrific amount of work that they did over 2 weeks and everyone absolutely loved working with Laura on it.  Thank you Laura for coming along on the day.

We then had our awards which is when we thank our members for their hard work!

  • Effort and Achievement Award – Ash Cannell, Lesley Curran
  • Best Host Award – Rebecca Ferguson, Lewis Scott
  • Thinking of Others Award – Eric Baig
  • Community Partnership Award – Lisa Frith
  • Skills and Learning Award – Adam Smith, Paul Walsh
  • Best Newcomer Award – Tracy Wynne, Simon Walker
  • The Fundraiser Award – Sarah Ashcroft

Every single one of our members have been amazing and the hardwork and commitment that people give to the organisation is out of this world.  Thank you everyone!

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