HealthFirst Liverpool – 1st meeting with New Chair

On Tuesday 29th September the HealthFirst Liverpool Group had its 1st meeting .  Cally Ann took the notes for the day.

The first thing the group had to do was go through the easy read Health and Safety Law Booklet.  People had lots of discussion and thought this is something we need to refresh ourselves on more regularly to keep it fresh in our minds.  People were clear that we know more about Health and Safety than we thought and work safely already – but it was good to go through the book.

We talked about Active Me and the group are going to work together to go to the gym more and improve our health.  Everyone was very honest about who wants to go and the barriers we face.  It was a great discussion.

Finally we talked about the future of the group.  We want to get organised and link in with other groups, a bit like the Missing Project that some of members did with the Bluecoat.  Patrick said “It is brilliant at In Another Place”.

Patrick said “I think the chair has done really well today, he has kept order and moved through the agenda and kept the meeting alive.”





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