Choir Countdown to the Adelphi

We have just 4 sessions of the Friends and Voices Choir until the Adelphi Gala Dinner and everyone is practising hard – it isn’t just about the soloists, we all have to know which parts we need to sing and to come in at the right time.

Today we had 24 people attend which was wonderful and we began with our vocal warm ups which are always great fun and get us ready for the day!  “Got a Ping Pong Ball” to the tune of William Tell’s Overture is something to be heard!

Everyone is getting really excited and Phil practiced “Little Help from My Friend” and the call and response with the Choir is superb and Lewis, Kat and Rebecca practiced “Reach for the Stars” and Alex and Sarah practiced “Roar”.  It was a fantastic afternoon.  Everyone was really excited and proud to be filmed and their singing can be seen on the People First Merseyside Facebook page.

Our karaoke slot in the afternoon was great with Alex singing Beautiful and Cally singing World’s Greatest.  The afternoon flew by and there is such an amazing feeling of fun and friendship in the choir – can’t wait for the 9th October!


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