Chilling out on the canal

On Wednesday 16th September a group of us went on a lovely relaxing day out on the canal.  We hired 2 narrowboats from Wirral Community Narrowboat Trust to take us to Chester.

Our day started at 8am when we met at our office in MPAC where  we got on the coach to take us to The Cheshire Cat in Christleton.  While we were on the coach we planned what we wanted to order for our tea from The Cheshire Cat when we got back to Christleton.  Once that was all sorted we hopped on board our narrowboats ready to set sail on the journey to Chester.

The journey from Christleton to Chester is only about 3 miles but it took us 2 hours because we had to go through about 6 locks on the way.

We had a great time on the boat, the weather was glorious so we were able to sit out on deck and enjoy the sunshine with cake and coffee.

We got to Chester in time for lunch. Most people brought a packed lunch so we went to sit in the Roman Gardens to eat it.  There was lots of squirrels running around hoping to get a bite to eat. Some people went off on their own to have a wander around Chester and a look in the shops.

We were back on the narrowboat at 2pm to head back to Christleton.  We had to go back through all the locks which took a bit longer this time because each lock had to fill up rather than empty out.  MB had the people on his boat doing the call and response chants that the Road Ahead group learnt with The Bluecoat.  It was great fun.  We also had the radio on and had a sing along.

When we got back to The Cheshire Cat we went for our tea which all ready for us.  The food was really lovely, the puddings especially!

After all that we got back on the coach to head home, getting back to Liverpool at about 6.30pm.  It was a really fantastic day; The crews of the narrowboats were so friendly and helpful and the staff at The Cheshire Cat did a great job getting our food out to us.

We hope to do it all again next year.

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