Anyone for Badminton?

Was the question for today!  Amy from Healthiness Ltd came along to consult with the HealthFirst Liverpool Group and find out if people would like to play badminton and what things are stopping people.

Kat and Eric who go to Active Me sessions have played badminton before and they enjoy it and Steve is a really good teacher.  Shirley and Patrick have also been to the Active Me sessions and played badminton and said “it was boss.”

Things that people said would help were:

  • The ball or shuttlecock needs to be bigger as if you haven’t got good eye sight it is really hard
  • I want someone to teach me how to smash it
  • I loved it but my arthritis got worse and I couldn’t carry on doing it
  • I’d need help to learn how to get to any new places
  • It needs to be near a bus route and not down back streets we want to be able to find it
  • The best time to do it is in the day – it’s starting to get cold now and I won’t want to go out in the evening when it is dark and wet

Patrick said “I think its really good that you are going to places and finding out what people would like.”  Kat said “I’ve enjoyed meeting Amy and I Josh from Healthiness Ltd who does boccia is a great teacher.”

Healthiness Ltd are looking at if it would be possible to provide badminton sessions for people in the city and the HealthFirst Liverpool Group think it is!  Thank you Amy for coming along and good luck!


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