AGM Preparation – Well Done Gang!

Today at the HealthFirst Liverpool Group we have been practising our presentation for the AGM.  Lisa, Katrina and Geraldine will be doing the presentation with some help from Tracy and Joe.

While Lisa and Kat practised, the rest of the group had to evaluate what they thought of the presentation and give feedback on how they were doing.

Everyone is really excited about the AGM tomorrow and hearing about what all the groups are doing.  One of our members had a new support worker and she said “I think the presentation is brilliant.  I had no idea how much went on here or how much fun everyone has.  You’re going to be fantastic tomorrow at the AGM.”

Katrina said “I feel nervous but I know we are going to do great, we are a team and we have worked really hard to get the presentation done.”

Cally said “I’m really impressed, everyone is so professional and the presentation is fab!”

Good luck to everyone tomorrow – it is going to be an amazing day.


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