Advocacy and The Care Act

On Monday a group of us from The Sefton Group and The Road Ahead attended a one day conference in Preston to find out more about The Care Act and its effect on Advocacy.

After a very early start we arrived at the very beautiful Gujurat Centre where the event was taking place.

We heard from Yogi Amin who’s full title is Partner and National Head of Public Law was there as a solicitor who knows about The Care Act and how we can use it to help us understand about our rights.

We also heard from Laurence Clarke and Vicky Hornby who are part of Pathways associates, they told us about the different types of advocacy and we found  out about the staying strong research into the picture of Advocacy in the North West as lots of Self advocacy organisations are closing down due to cuts in funding.

Although the day was very hard to understand it help us realise that we are not alone, there are other groups like ours and that the Car Act does apply to us.

Sarah said “Some of the day was hard, I like talking about the different types of advocacy.”

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