Active Me Sports Consultation with the Road Ahead

On Wednesday 23rd October Michelle Messom from Active Me came along to catch up with the Road Ahead and talk about all the exciting things that are going on in the City.

Michelle runs a programme called Active Me and that deals with the barriers for people who might struggle to use the gyms and she has already helped our group loads and we are all a lot more active now.

One of the new projects Michelle is working on is the “City Bikes”.  These are the green bikes that are all around the city.  Michelle realised that one of the barriers that people might face is that you need a credit card to use them.  So Michelle has some passes and will teach people how to use them.  She is also going to help people to learn how to ride bikes and be more confident on a bike.  Everyone was really excited about this.

Michelle explained that we can go all over the City and take the bikes from where they are and go anywhere people would like to go – it is our choice.

Michelle told us all about the Funtastic Friday session that Active Me are supporting at Kirkdale Community Centre and invited everyone down to have a try.  Michelle told us that Everton in the Community are there and doing all different sports and that there is zumba each week.   It sounds fantastic.

Michelle told us that she really wants to hear about what sports people want to do and to make sure that what Active Me are doing is what people want and she wants everyone to speak up and tell her what they like and enjoy and if they didn’t like something – to tell her about that too.

Finally Michelle told us that Active Me will be running the “Get Active” Competition again soon.  This is where we all have to log how many hours activity we do and last time we came 2nd and won a Sports Day at Walton Hall – it was amazing, so we will definitely be getting involved again.

Thank you so much for coming down and we can’t wait to get out on our bikes with Michelle!


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