Why Do I Like Boccia?

On Monday 10th August we had our last Boccia session with Josh from Healthiness Ltd for the summer and are starting back on Thursday 10th September at 2pm – why not come along and have a go!  To find out more call 0151 707 6751.

We have an amazing group of people having a go at Boccia and the reasons they like coming are:

Eric said “I have a laugh with my mates and I’m very competitive.  I’ve thrown the winning ball two games in a row already today.”

Eddie said “I love seeing my friends and having a go at the boccia.  It makes me stretch down to reach the ball.”

Adam said “It’s awful when I’m on the losing team, I like winning!”

Patrick said “I get  really frustrated if I don’t win, we have great banter and it’s fantastic.”

Lisa said “I’ve always loved boccia and it’s great I am getting to do it again.  You can see people’s hand eye co-ordination improving each week and everyone is much more evenly matched than when we started in the Spring.  It’s a real competition and we all really want to be on the winning team.  It’s a laugh!”

We are health advocates and are making choices for ourselves about what we want to join in with, what we want to do and where we want our group to go.

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