Well Done Eric!!

Today at the HealthFirst Liverpool Group in the MPAC Building we had some journals to catch up on and we also got the opportunity to watch Eric one of our Road Ahead members on TV!!! Eric had been on Faith Matters on Liverpool’s Bay TV which had been shown on Sunday.

Eric said “I felt a bit embarassed everyone watching me and I didn’t think my voice sounded like that but everyone has kept saying how proud they are of me and how well I did.  I enjoy going to In Another Place on Wednesday’s and helping Annie and everyone.  I’ve done loads of different things, I’ve been in the giant puppets, I do art work – making props for the productions, I’ve acted and help move things.  Everyone is always welcome there it doesn’t matter who you are.  I love  going there and I’m so glad that People First introduced me to them.”

Jenni from In Another Place said “I just felt so proud of Eric, he is so helpful and a part of the team – it was great that he got to speak up about why he likes coming to In Another Place and got the chance to go on TV.”

Lisa said “Eric was fantastic.  He represented People First Merseyside and In Another Place superbly.  I also work at In Another Place with Eric and I agree with everything he said, we are valued and respected and are part of the team.  Well done Eric!”

If you would like to see Eric on Bay TV then check out the link below.





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