Road Ahead Training Session 3

Today the Road Ahead have been working hard delivering a training session around “Friendship.”  Our trainers for today were Laura and Ash.

Laura was a trainer for the 1st time and said “I have been feeling really nervous and I’m usually a very confident person.  I made sure I spoke in a big loud voice and I helped people.  I had really good comments about my presentation and I feel better about everything now I’ve done it.”

Ash who has been a trainer not just on the Road Ahead but other training that People First Merseyside offers said “I think me and Laura worked really well together and we made sure everyone on the course was engaged.”

People found this week really hard.  People really struggled to think of why they are a good friend and what is good about themselves, it was great that the rest of the group were able to point out people’s shining qualities and help each other.  Some people also struggled with saying who their friends were and didn’t feel that they had real friends in their lives.

People said:

  • I liked doing writing about friendship and why I’m a good friend and why I like my friends
  • The trainers worked really well together
  • I can’t wait for next week!
  • I enjoyed playing the game and the chance to talk about yourself
  • It was good the group work hard
  • The trainers challenged the people on the course to think in a different way – in a positive manner

The group continue to work hard and support each other and our trainers are proving to be confident enough to challenge the group in a respectful way.  Can’t wait for next week!

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