Road Ahead Training Session 2!

On Friday 31st July our trainer Kat successfully delivered the 2nd session of training on our 5th training course and was talking about “Where I Live”.

It was an action packed session and the feedback we received from the people who are on the course was:

  • I enjoyed playing jenga
  • I don’t have anything negative to say about today
  • Calm, nice, friendly atmosphere
  • I enjoyed learning about everyone’s background and that they have the same issues as me
  • I liked the way you mixed us all together. Also at lunch we could sit with who we wanted. We weren’t allocated spaces
  • Getting to know each other a bit better
  • I really enjoyed meeting new people and finding out new things
  • Everything was excellent
  • Kat did a good job
  • Thought the jenga was so funny with everything
  • Everyone supported and respected each other

Well done to Kat for her hardwork and we hope to see all of the people on the course this Friday – well done everyone!

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