Relax for the Summer!

Today the HealthFirst Liverpool Group had their last relaxation session of the summer and will be back on Monday 14th September at 1pm – why not come along and have a try.

Our members have said that they would like to do relaxation and as a team have looked at:

  • When would be the best time to do this
  • What sort of tapes do we need
  • How we want the room to be
  • How to avoid interruptions

So far Monday afternoons are working out great – we put a sign on the bell and on the door to say “Do Not Disturb” and the group wanted the room quite dark and for there to be candles to make the office feel more relaxed.  Some people like tapes that are sounds of nature and some people like the guided relaxation and before each session the group decide as a team which tape we want to play.

People have said:

“I like it, I can switch off and let my worries drift away.”

“I feel so relaxed I almost go to sleep.”

“It’s great, I don’t think about anything.”



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