Keeping Safe and Working with the Police!

Today was the 4th session of the Road Ahead training and our trainers for today were Lewis and Kelly.   The topic for today was “Keeping Safe”.

It was Kelly’s 1st time delivering training and Lewis said “I think Kelly was excellent she was fantastic and we worked really well together.”  Kelly said “I did feel nervous before but I feel great now, it was amazing and I’m really looking forward to the next lot of training I”ll be doing.  I was on the last lot of training myself and unfortunately the police couldn’t come so it was brilliant I got the chance to work with them today.”

In the morning Kelly and Lewis gave a presentation to the group about the ‘E’ Cards which are Emergency Cards that people carry so that they can show it to the police in an emergency.  It will give the police information about the individual so the police can help them in the best way.  They then supported people to fill them in and explained that they need to keep their ‘E’ Cards in their purse or wallet at all times.

People liked the Ice Breaker Scenario Cards and gave really well thought through answers and encouraged each other if people were unsure of what to do.   The COPS DVD was really informative and helped everyone to think about how to keep safe

  • in our home
  • when we are out
  • when we are using the cash machine

In the afternoon we were lucky to have the police come and talk to the group and show us their uniforms, there was lots of different ones and it was awesome to get the chance to find out so much.

The highlight of the day was the police motorbikes and patrol car.  We’ve never seen the bikes or the car before today and it was terrific!  Although the rain was torrential it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and everyone had the chance to go on the motorbikes and in the police car.  People said:

“I was surprised how comfortable it was in the back of the police car – but I suppose it isn’t just for criminals.”

“I like the way the motorcycle police have their handcuffs and things on their boots – this is in case they fall off so things don’t dig in like they would on the belts.”

It was really interesting and we learned so much and had such a great time!  Thank you again to Phil and Steph from the Community Police it was AWESOME!!!


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