It’s a rap!

Congratulations to our wonderful Road Ahead team who have been working hard over the past couple of weeks on the ‘Missing’ project.  This project was in partnership with Transitions Blue Room at The Bluecoat.

The team of 12 self advocates collaborated with rapper and producer Juga-Naut and artist Jane Farley over 6 days to make a film about the theme ‘Missing.’  During that time the team were able to:

  • Learn how to rap
  • Write their own lyrics to a rap performed on the final film
  • Create artwork with their own interpretation of ‘missing’ in particular what is missing in our lives, Liverpool, our country and the world
  • Make paper boats in varying sizes that they sailed in the water feature called the Missing pool of Liverpool at Liverpool One.
  • Researched the water feature and Liverpool’s history
  • Create and star in the film

On 26th August the team hosted a fantastic launch event at The Bluecoat where family, friends, and supporters could come along to watch the film, see the artwork  and hear our rapping.

We would like to thank everyone who came on the night it was great to see over  75 people come along. We had so much great feedback.  Everyone involved in the production was trilled and excited to be part of such a unique experience.

Next month the team will be meeting up again with The Blue Room Transitions, Juga-Naut and Jane  to choose 2 ambassadors who will represent our team and work with other groups from all over the country to produce a massive final piece on the theme of ‘Missing’ that will come back to Liverpool in the future.

We will be showing the film again for anyone who missed it at our A.G.M. on Wednesday 9th September 2015.


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