HealthFirst Liverpool Diary Meeting

On Monday 3rd August the HealthFirst Liverpool Group held it’s fortnightly diary meeting.  This week we had asked MB the Co-Chair of the Road Ahead to come along and run the meeting for us.

MB  was really professional and made sure that:

  • Only one person spoke at a time
  • Everyone had a chance to speak
  • People were putting the correct things in their diaries
  • People put their hands up to speak
  • Everyone stayed on topic

The meeting in Liverpool is only for 1 hour and people need to concentrate and listen as there is so much going on within our organisation.

We are changing some of our things around in September and we also have the AGM, the Adelphi Gala Dinner, the barge trip and a trip to Trentham Monkey Garden’s to look forward to.

Thank you  for coming along and doing such an amazing job.


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