HealthFirst Liverpool August Coffee Morning

On Thursday 13th August members of the HealthFirst Liverpool Group and the Road Ahead came to the HealthFirst Liverpool Coffee Morning and it was boss!

We met in the Hunger Control Cafe which is based in the MPAC Building and it was great to have time just to have time to chat, catch up and spend time with our friends.

Alex said “I’ve not been to the coffee mornings since we started holding them in the MPAC Building.  I really enjoyed myself, I love seeing my friends and we don’t always get the chance to see each other.”

Geraldine said “I like coming as I get to meet new people and make new friends.”

We were pleased that Eric’s mum came along she said “I enjoy watching the videos on facebook and the commentaries on the Boccia are hilarious.  It really makes me laugh.  I’m proud of seeing all the things that go on and what Eric has achieved.  It’s great to meet Eric’s friends.”  Eric said “I wanted my mum to meet my friends and see what we get up to in the Liverpool office as it is closer to come here.”

We were really lucky as well as an old friend of ours Angela Mieveld popped in to say “hello” and have a cup of coffee with everyone.  It has been a great morning and we are heading off to zumba shortly!

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