Friends and Voices Choir Summer Celebration!

On Monday 10th August we had our last Friends and Voices Choir session for the summer and it was a superb celebration of how much we have achieved in such a sort space of time!

In that time we have already sang at St George’s Hall with the In Another Place Gospel Choir and our next gig will be our Adelphi Gala Dinner on Friday 9th October (tickets are selling fast!)

It was great to be able to sing together, support and encourage each other and to HAVE FUN!

MBwho only came to the Choir for the first time last week was up for the Karaoke King and Queen Challenge and sang a Queen Song Solo.  Afterwards MB said “I felt really excited singing in front of everyone I am a huge Queen Fan and today has been fantastic.”

Phil said “It makes me happy and proud.  I really enjoy it.  I’m hoping to get a solo at the Adelphi I love performing.”

Jan our Choir Teacher has got a tough job deciding on who will be singing which part – but with so many talented members things have just got interesting!

Can’t wait to see everyone back at Choir at 2pm on Monday 7th September and tell your friends and come along – everyone is welcome!



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