A BIG Thank You to Mik from the BIG Lottery!

On Wednesday 12th August the Road Ahead were really pleased to meet Mik Simpson from the Big Lottery.  Mik is a Funding Officer for the Big Lottery and he monitors the progress of our project.  We usually send him reports about what we have been doing but Mik asked if he could come along and meet everyone.

Our Co-Chairs  had to send their apologies today so Lewis Scott agreed to Chair the meeting and did an amazing job.  Mik said “Lots of groups say they are user led but this group clearly is.  I could tell within the first few minutes of being here.  People First is  different to other organisations I’ve been too.”

Everyone was really keen to talk to Mik and explain what the aims of the group are and what we love about being on the Road Ahead.

Laura said “I started on the training and I really enjoyed it and then I went on to be a trainer and I was nervous but I really enjoyed it and  I feel more confident.”

Eric said “I’ve been on TV I wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t have come to People First.  When I first came here I used to be angry and no one thought I’d stick with it but I like coming here and getting to try new things, we’ve done loads of things.”

People were telling Mik some of the things we have done are:

  • Awesome Walls
  • Theatre trip to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
  • Wirral Walk
  • Chinese New Year
  • Out for each others birthdays

One of our members parents were here and said “It is so positive you can see people come on.  When they first come here they sit back and don’t get involved, just watching the group today and how they conduct themselves – they listen, they are engaged they are professional I’ve never seen another group like it.”

Kat showed Mik some photos of some of the things we have been doing and Lewis and the group thanked Mik for coming.


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