Art Advocacy Group Plans for the Future

On Thursday 6th August our art facilitator Chris Moss gave us all an outline of a head and we had to think about what is going on inside our minds.  What we like, what we don’t like, our fears, worries, hopes and dreams.

Over the past few weeks the group have been giving Chris ideas of what we want to work on as a project and Chris has come up with a concept.  This week was the first stage.

After we’d finished our art we stood up and told the group what we drawn.  Lewis said “I’ve drawn butterflies and the sunshine as they make me happy.  It is important to me to be on time.  I don’t like being late I like to know what is happening and I remember what needs to be done.”

Paul said “I like to be happy, I like People First, doing art, going out and my friends.  I don’t like being alone.”

People were very open and honest about their feelings and worries.

We put all our pictures together and we are going to move on to the next stage of the project – we are all feeling very excited.

IMG_4990 paul IMG_5007

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