What Our Advocates Thought of the Health Course

The HealthFirst Liverpool Group have been receiving training around Health for the past 4 months from Suzanne Robinson and Vivien Mansfield who are the Learning Disability Healthcare Facilitators for Merseycare.

On Tuesday 7th July Helen Flett the Co-Ordinator of People First Merseyside came to do a Project Review with our members and to find out what they thought of the training.

People were very clear what a Health Champion is:

Paul said “They share good information about health to other people”

Patrick said “They eat the right foods, do exercise like walking, swimming and go to the gym and don’t drink too much”

The things that people had said they had liked about the training are:

“Suzanne and Vivien were great at explaining things to us.  It was good that they were at all sessions as they remembered different things and knew us.”

“The guest speakers were really interesting and I liked seeing the jar of tar on the smoking week.”

“The cancer books were really good as you could see everything and they explained everything – but some of the pictures were bad of when you get burnt in the sun or when you get cancer.  But it was good too as we need to know what to look for.”

“I liked talking about emotions and relaxing with the psychologist when people annoy me I’m walking away to calm down.”

This course has given people confidence to make changes to their health, it’s been getting everyone together, it’s been a challenge and it has been hard work – but it has been really good.

We talked about the future and people have said that they would like to sign up for the next course and other people who have completed the training would like to be trainers on things that they have made changes on in their lives.

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