Watch your speed! – Working with Merseyside Police

On Wednesday 15th July we were given the privilege of being part of the very first community speed awareness event with Merseyside police.

Members from People Firsts Merseysides Sefton Group travelled with the police in the big yellow carrier and taken to a location in Netherton where it would be our job to use the speed gun to check the speed of morotists then we were able to pull the motorists over and question them as to why they were going over the speed limit.

The group were split up into 2 one group had 2 jobs the first was to use the speed camera they had to point it a the number plate of the car so that they could check the speed, the other job was to radio through to the other team to tell them which car they needed to pull over for speeding.

The 2nd groups jobs were to listen to what the other group told them about the cars and then  pull the cars into the side of the road and talk to them about why they were speeding.

The group had a fantastic day at first members were feeling nervous about speaking to members of the public but with the support of Mark, Dave, Lee, Emma and Jennie their confidence grew, everyone tried all of the jobs even stepping into the road to signal to the drivers to pull over.

Drivers were lucky as they were not being given fines, the group were able to talk to the drivers  and ask questions such as “did you know this was a 30 mile an hour road?”  “What would happen if you hit somebody at that speed?” “Did you know there was a school close by?”

Phil said ” It was interesting and getting the opportunity to get a better idea of motorists and speeding, I felt confident when speaking to the drivers. It was great being out in the community”

This was a fantastic opportunity for our members to see how the Police work and get the chance to have a go.


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