Tuesday’s are Busy at the HealthFirst Liverpool Offices

Every Tuesday members of the HealthFirst Liverpool group meet at our offices in the MPAC Building.  We have completed our health course and today’s meeting was to plan for the future and go through the diaries.

There is so much going on!  The HealthFirst Liverpool Group are planning to:

  • Hold elections for a new Chairperson – thank you to Paddy for his hardwork as he steps down
  • Prepare for the People First Merseyside AGM, we need to prepare a presentation and people need to think about if they would like to be on the Board of Directors
  • Zumba is running on Thursdays at 1.30pm until Thursday 27th August
  • Zumba will be restarting every Monday from Monday 14th September at 11am
  • Boccia will be finishing on Monday 10th August at 11am for the summer
  • Boccia will be restarting on Thursdays at 2pm  from the 10th September
  • Choir will finish on Monday 10th August for the summer
  • Choir will be restarting Monday 7th September
  • Start Chair based exercises on Monday 14th September at 11am
  • Our Art group is running  through August every Thursday at 10am
  • We’ve got a barge trip and a trip to Trentham Monkey Gardens coming up with the whole of People First Merseyside

Plus lots more!!  Watch this space to keep up to date!


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