Transitions Blueroom Steering Group – Internet Safety Session Through Art

The Road Ahead Group have been working with Bluecoat to plan the new project they are running “Transitions Blueroom”.  Kat said “We’ve got lots of work to do but it’s really exciting!”

On Tuesday 28th July the Road Ahead went to the Bluecoat to meet with Laura, Elizabeth and Adrian.  Adrian is the lead on the “Missing” project that we are working on in August.

Missing is a national programme and lots of young people will be working all across the country on this.  Missing is a radical project developed by Fittings Multimedia Arts that will create new work by collaborating with young people throughout the UK on a core theme.  Each piece of work will start with a simple question “who or what is missing?” and working with a digital film maker and other artists, groups will take part in 7 workshop sessions to create an original piece of work.  The results will be shared via the website

Working on the Missing project with us is Juggernaut who is a rapper, cook, drummer and artist and Jane from First Take – it is an amazing opportunity for the members of the Road Ahead group who are all thrilled to be a part of this and can’t wait for the sessions to start in August.

As we will be working with other young people across the country using social media it was important that we spent today learning about how to keep ourselves safe on the internet.

We made posters about ourselves as if we were setting up an online profile for the first time.  Before we started we talked about what we should NOT put on line for example:

  • Our address
  • Our phone number
  • Any bank details
  • Going on holiday

The things that were ok to put on our profiles were:

  • You can have your friends and family on it
  • The things that you like – like films, TV programmes, sports books
  • Our pets

We were told how to block and unfriend people and we also know who to speak to if we feel uncomfortable about on the internet.

When we finished our posters we stood up and spoke about them and how we felt about being online and being safe.

After that the BEST part of the day was watching a Youtube video of Juggernaut cooking a beef stir-fry.  It was brilliant but it made us feel hungry!  Then after that all of us got the chance to chat with Juggernaut on Skype and Laura passed the ipad round and we all asked him questions.

We asked him:

  • Where he lived?
  • How he became a rapper?
  • Why was he called Juggernaut?
  • What his other interests were?
  • We told him things that we liked
  • We asked about female rappers so he told us some to look for

Everyone came away feeling so excited.  It was great that we got the chance to speak to him, we came away absolutely buzzing and can’t wait to meet Juggernaut as he was boss.

Watch this space to find out what other exciting, new, amazing and brilliant things the Road Ahead are getting up to!

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