The Friends and Voices Choir After Performing at St George’s Hall

Every Monday 2pm – 4pm the Friends and Voices Choir meet at the MPAC Building on Bridport Street – if you have a learning disability, are over 18 years old and interested in singing why not come along and have a go!

Everyone is still buzzing after singing in the amazing St George’s Hall on Saturday with the In Another Place Gospel Choir and feeling fantastic!

  • Geraldine said “My mum really enjoyed it.  My mum and dad were really proud of me but don’t want me to get a big head.”
  • Adam said “It was excellent.”
  • Phil said “I’m just so proud of everyone and their fantastic achievement and privileged to be involved with something so amazing.”
  • One of our members support said “I didn’t know what to expect, certainly not this – it’s amazing.”
  • Another support worker who was there said “It was absolutely wonderful, I thought I was watching Sister Act and the room was fantastic.”

Each week we begin with vocal warm ups to get our voices ready for singing and these are followed by singing in rounds and harmonies.

We sang “London’s Burning” and the new song from last week “Soft Kitty” and this week we learned “My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean” – which is a really lovely old Scottish folk song.

We then sang “Stand By Me”, “Reach for the Stars” and many, many more!

The highlight of the day is always the Karaoke King or Queen Section and this week was no different!

We had:

  • Phil singing “Batchelor Boy”
  • Eric, Sarah and Geraldine singing “Whole New World”
  • Derek sang “Gone are the days” and recited a poem to us all
  • Kimberley sang “I Will Always Love You”
  • Sarah sang “I Swear”
  • Liam sang “Shout”

It is always a surprise when the end arrives as it doesn’t feel as though we’ve been singing for 5 minutes let alone 2 hours!

This was the first time Eric has got up to sing and he said “I was really nervous but I’ve got it out the way now so I won’t worry so much next time.  It wasn’t that bad!”

Thank you to all our amazing Choir members who are up for any challenge and have a go at everything!IMG_4626 IMG_4645


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