Taking centre stage at Centre Stage!

On Thursday 30th  July a group of us went to see the New Directions drama group Centre Stage at their new home in the Space Centre on Marsh Lane.

They now have a venue that suits their needs which includes a theatre, dressing rooms, their own cafe area.

When we arrived we were taken on a grand tour, and then we were given a taste of what they do.

We were asked to learn a dance routine to Saturday night fever  which we did some of us were less keen than others but we all took part and it was great fun. Michael showed us the moves we had to follow he was a great teacher.

The drama group have just performed their summer show Comedies and Tragedies which some of our members went to see and said it was fantastic, Saturday Night Fever was a routine from the show.

We were made to feel really welcome and look forward to seeing their next show coming up at Christmas.


Thank you for a lovely afternoon.

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