Road Ahead Successfully Started it’s 5th Training Course!

Today was the 1st session of the Road Ahead Training and Skills for Life course.  Our trainers for today were Gabby and Lewis.  It was Gabby’s first time delivering training and she was feeling very nervous.

Our trainers were so professional, they arrive early to practise for the day.  They were welcoming, hardworking, focussed and committed and really friendly and welcoming to all the new people who were on the course.

Today was “All About Me” and we found out about people on the course, what they like, what is important to them and their hopes and dreams.

We had a fabulous presentation from Gabby all about her life and we played some games and did some worksheets.  At the end of the session people said:

“I loved doing the worksheets, it was great to think about what was important to me.”

“The game was really cool.”

“I thought the trainers was really prepared for the presentation and their confidence shone out.”

“I felt really confident when I had to answer questions when we were playing the games.”

“I loved playing the game but I hate it when I lose.”

We are looking forward to next week and will keep everyone posted!

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