Road Ahead – Getting Ready for our 5th Training Course!

Today has been amazing!  We have had 3 of our new trainers from the last course getting their presentations ready for the next Road Ahead course starting in just 2 weeks!!!

Kelly had 2 presentations to do – one about jobs and another about money.

Laura has done presentations on friendships and jobs.

Sarah has been preparing for the 1st session about “All About Me”.

Everyone has been working really hard, gathering photographs for their presentations, checking the information with family and getting it looking perfect!

Kelly said “I feel proud of myself and I’ve learnt some new shortcut keys on the laptops.”

Laura said “I’m taking mine home and I’m  going to finish it off on my laptop as I know which pictures I want to put in it.  I really want to be a trainer and want this be perfect and finished before I go away on holiday.”

Everyone is working really hard and doing their best- all the places on the course have been taken and we are just getting the final things ready and practising our parts.  Great work team!


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