Prep and Prizes for the Adelphi – 91 Days to Go and Counting!!!!

Today People First Merseyside members have had a SUPERB time going around Liverpool City Centre collecting prizes for our Annual Gala Event at the Adelphi on Friday 9th October – tickets are going fast!

Once again we will be having a raffle with some fabulous prizes, we have visited LOADS of places in the City and have some great prizes already for the night – if you can help us to get some more contact Helen on 0151 707 6751.

Our members supported each other to go into businesses and helped each other to explain:

  • Who we are
  • What our organisation does
  • When our Gala Dinner is
  • If people could donate a raffle prize

Things people said were:

“I was a bit nervous at first but the lady was really kind (Mandy Manager in Barbara Daley) I felt so proud when she gave us a prize.”

“I felt really confident when I remembered everything and didn’t need anyone to help me with what to say.”

We were all buzzing as we have lots of prizes that people are going to love!  We can’t wait to hear how everyone got on collecting in Bootle and Southport today – good luck guys!

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