Practising for the Road Ahead Training Course by Katrina Dubber

On Wednesday 15th July the Road Ahead team were in the office to practice their presentations for the 5th Road Ahead Training Course which starts in 9 days!

We are very excited to do another Road Ahead course and we have new trainers who we trained on the last course.

Gabby is doing the 1st week.  Her presentation is “All About Me”.  I asked her how she was feeling about it and she said “I’m looking forward to do it, but I am nervous.”  Gabby’s presentation is really good and she has worked really hard today to find all the pictures to go in it.

Kelly is doing 2 presentations – 1 about jobs and future and 1 about money.  She said “I’m looking forward to it, my presentations are done and I think it is going to be great.  We are going to practise some more when it is our weeks so it will be fine.”

Laura is doing 2 presentations 1 about jobs and future with Kelly and the other about friends.  Laura said “I’ve been working on my presentations all weekend and my step dad has been helping me.  My laptop crashed and so I had to use my mums.  Then the pen stick wouldn’t work and I was really worried that the work I’ve done wouldn’t be on the laptops here today.  Everything is fine and I’m really pleased with my work.  I’ve worked really, really hard and I think I will be fine at doing the training as I keep getting more confident.”

I am doing the presentation about “Where I Live”  I practised it and I am feeling very happy about doing the presentation again.  Since we did the training in March I’ve been to the Philippines with my family so I want to put new family pictures in.  I’ve also done LOADS of things with the Road Ahead so I want to update the other photos at the end of my presentation.  I think we’ve all worked really hard and this is going to be the best training course yet!

By Kat Dubber

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