Our First Art Advocacy Group

Today we had our 1st Art Group with artist Chris Moss and it was amazing.  We talked about what they wanted to do and came up with some ideas that we would like to create.

We had a budget and went to the MPAC Art Shop to buy supplies for our project.  Kat said “We knew how much money we had to spend and had to decide what materials we wanted.  I found some lovely materials that I would like to use in my work.  There was a mirrorboard too and I’m excited about doing work on that.”

The session went really well and Lewis said “I’ve been drawing butterflies as I’m good at them and they make me feel happy.  They are going to be a part of the big picture we are doing together.”

Kat said “I’ve been drawing on a mirror board for the 1st time and I love it.”

Paul said “I’ve done hands and I’m going to do loads more and put them all together.  I like doing art I feel happy and the group are lovely.”

Shirley said “It’s been fantastic I’m feeling so relaxed.  I’d forgotten how relaxing it is to just sit with a pencil in your hand and see what comes up.  It is so enjoyable to draw.”

Our members wanted to do art and organised for Chris to be involved and are making all the decisions to steer our group in the direction they are wanting to go – true advocacy at work – great work team!

IMG_4687 IMG_4690 IMG_4694 IMG_4698

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