Monday Morning’s – The Best Way to Start the Week!

Every Monday at our HealthFirst Liverpool offices in the MPAC Building on Bridport Street we have our 11am Boccia with our amazing instructor Josh from Healthiness Ltd.

Today we had 2 new people from the Road Ahead join in – Kimberley and Kat.  They said:

“It’s great, I’ve had a laugh and it helps improve my hand eye co-ordination.  I enjoy being with my friends.”

“I used to do this at school, Josh is a really good teacher and everyone is funny with the banter between the two teams!”

This week it was “The Destroyers” made up of Lisa, Kat, Joe and Lewis versus “The Killers” made up of Derek, Eric, Kimberley and Adam.  The Killers won thanks to great team work and the experience and skill of Derek who made some amazing shots.  Lewis made some amazing shots and videos of one of the matches can be seen on our facebook page.

To find out more call 0151 707 6751.


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