HealthFirst Liverpool Easy Read Consultation

This morning members of the HealthFirst Liverpool Group were working on an Easy Read document for a local hospital.

Putting information into easy read can be a little bit hard at times as we understand things in different ways.  This is why it is good to work as a group so that everyone who is working on a document is clear on what the meaning should be.

This morning we had young people from our Road Ahead group get involved and they were excellent at helping to put the information into a more user friendly way.

One person said “I’ve never done anything like that before.  It was hard work and we had to concentrate but I found it really interesting.”

Another person said “It was funny how sometimes we thought things meant different things.  Some of the words were dead hard to understand but we did it.”

It’s great to see our members working together and making a difference for other people with a learning disability in our City.



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