HealthFirst Liverpool Diary Meeting

Every other Monday at 1pm the HealthFirst Liverpool Group have a diary meeting.  We make sure we all know what is going on with the HealthFirst Liverpool Group, The Road Ahead and Sefton and people choose what things they would like to go to.

Today at the diary meeting Eric, Lewis and Patrick have decided that they would like to go out on Thursday to collect raffle prizes for our Adelphi Gala Dinner on Friday 9th October.

Another member has said that they would like to have a go at Line Dancing for the first time and has then arranged to walk home with their friends to do an extra bit of exercise in the day.

The wonderful thing about the HealthFirst Liverpool group is that they are supporting each other to try new things, go to new places and are really encouraging each other to improve their health.  We make sure we all have the correct information in our diaries and help one another.

If you would like to find out more call 0151 707 6751.


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