Friends and Voices Choir – We Rock!

Every Monday at 2pm the People First Merseyside Friends and Voices Choir meet at the MPAC Building for our weekly practise session and this week is no exception!

We always begin with our vocal warm ups and then sing in rounds.  The new song we learned for today was “Kumbayah” and it sounded beautiful.

After that we practised “Stand By Me”, “Little Help From My Friends” and “Beautiful” – the Choir are really keen for us to sing these at the Adelphi.

We then split into 2 groups – the basses and the trebles to sing “Lovely Day” and it sounded amazing!

For our karaoke Kings and Queens section we had Derek sing Brigadier Soldier, followed by Liam singing Sandie.  Finally it was Sarah and Gill singing “Beat It.”

Sarah said “I was so proud when the video of me singing was on Facebook last week.  I shared it to my facebook page and tagged my family in.  They all said how good I was and how proud they are of me.  If makes me feel proud about myself and I feel more confident.  I am happy singing solos and I love the choir and Jan is great.”

Gill said “I felt so nervous before me and Sarah got up to sing today.”

To finish off the day we all sang “Reach” and our finale was “YMCA”.

If you would like to find out more call 0151 707 6751

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