Can Do!

Today the Road Ahead group met with Vickie from Can Do to discuss if they would like to be involved in the Can Do project.

Can Do is a volunteering programme for young disabled people to help people make a difference in themselves and their community, to meet new people and have fun.

Vickie did some artwork with the group in the morning that got people thinking about:

  •  What you are good at
  •  What things you would like to try
  •  What you would like to have done in the next 2 yeares

It was great to hear things about people that we didn’t know.  People said things like:

“In the next 2 years I’d have liked to have tried paragliding.”

“In the next 2 years I’d like to be on either Catchphrase or Tipping Point!

“I’d like to live on my own.”

It was a superb morning helping each other to think about ourselves and what we would like to do.

In the afternoon Vickie explained about the Can Do project more and the group are really excited and want to get involved.  We then had a planning meeting and talked about ideas that we would like to do.  People had lots of amazing ideas and Vickie is going to help us to put these into action when we start working with the Can Do project in October and we CAN’T WAIT!!

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