Boccia Battles Continue with the HealthFirst Liverpool Group by Lisa Frith

Every Monday we start the week with a healthy game of boccia with Josh from Healthiness Ltd.  I asked Josh what he thinks of coming to the HealthFirst Liverpool Group to teach us Boccia and he said

“I absolutely love coming here. It is one of my favourite groups, not only do we have great banter and a fantastically competitive atmosphere each week, but the group are really friendly and supportive.  I’ve been coming here for 6 months to deliver the boccia and I can really see an improvement in people’s hand eye co-ordination and motor skills.  It is the best start to the week being here!”

I (Lisa) have been a member of People First Merseyside for 7 years.  I’m really enjoying being a part of the HealthFirst Liverpool project and my favourite aspect is the boccia.  I used to play boccia for England when I was in college so it is superb that I get to rekindle this skill and it was something I truly loved to do.  It really is the highlight of my week.  Apart from playing boccia the other changes I’ve made in my life are, I don’t have sugar in my hot drinks anymore, I’m using sweetener.  I’ve gone from 7 cups of coffee a day to none and I drink tea now.  I’m making my own healthy salads for lunch and when I eat out I look for the healthy options.  I no longer have puddings, I’ve swapped from white bread to brown bread.  On top of this I’m doing line dancing each week and walking much more – thanks to all those Wirral Walk Practises!!! I really enjoyed the Health course that Suzanne and Vivien ran and have made real chagnes in my life and I feel proud.  I love making a difference for people with a learning disability.”

“Today’s boccia was great, the blues won – I was a blue and it was great fun.”

If you want to join in with boccia give us a call on 0151 707 6751




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