Relax and Don’t Worry!

After the excitement of the boccia we then have our fortnightly relaxation and we’ve finally cracked it!

Before we begin we:

  • Choose between us which CD we will use that week
  • Make sure that the candles are lit
  • Choose which type of chair we want and make sure we are comfortable
  • Put the signs up on the buzzer and the door to make sure we have no interruptions

The room is finally darkened enough to promote true relaxation and a peaceful atmosphere -this has taken a few weeks to perfect but we are there – although in the photo it looks very dark!!

Susan who has never been before said “I really liked it.”

Shirley who has been attending regularly said “I really enjoy these sessions and find them really relaxing.”

Lisa who has also been attending these sessions regularly said “I look forward to the relaxation, I can switch off and let my worries float away.  What is great is, we (the members) said we wanted relaxation, so we were supported to have these sessions and we are always looking at how to make them better.  We are in control and our voices and what we say is important.  I love coming the the HealthFirst group.”

If you would like to find out more please call 0151 707 6751.


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