What Our Road Ahead Trainers Had To Say

The Great thing about the Road Ahead is that it is peer led.  Our members decide what the training should be and then devise the content.  It is really hard work.  So it is lovely to have feedback from new people who have been on the course – but it is also wonderful to hear the truth from the trainers about all the work that had to be done before the course could even begin!

Ash Co Chair of the Road Ahead and one of our trainers said “I really enjoyed it.  I really enjoyed helping people learn about themselves and learn new skills and it is great making new friends.  I really enjoyed designing the money section which went better than I thought it was going to.”

Lewis – who was on the course last time and was a trainer for the first time said “I thought it was good.  I did The All About Me and Keeping Healthy days and I really liked doing my presentationa bout keeping healthy.  I felt happy and confident.  The first time I had to practise it it was hard, I had to do a lot of practise – but it didn’t feel like hard work because I enjoyed it doing it – I felt proud of myself.”

Kat said “I helped the new trainers and that made me feel confident.  We had to swap the order of things sometimes and decide who was doing which bit but I feel really happy being and trainer it makes me smile.”




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