The Wirral Walk – The Shorter Way!

On Sunday 28th June members of People First Merseyside split into 2 groups.  1 group walked the full 15 miles and another group who walked the 4 miles.  Both groups were challenged by the distances they did and both groups put in a lot of practise to be ready for the day!

The group walking the 4 miles were Paul, Patrick, Lisa, Phil, Antony, Karen, Michael, Kat, David Hann, James, Kate, Gary, Jo and Jeanette.

We were in fact the last people on the walk and had a lovely chat with the wonderful back markers who were very kind and helpful.

Although we had practised lots it was still very hard for our members.  Lisa Frith said “I am really happy I finished the 4 miles but it was hard.  It was really hard having to walk another mile and a quarter back to New Brighton as there were no buses  but we supported each other and encouraged each other – it was a long day.”

We were really lucky as some of our members had come over to cheer us on at New Brighton and it was wonderful to see Shirley, Lesley, Hayley and Hayley’s mum Nora all cheering for us – it lifted our spirits and kept us going.

Shirley said “My friend drove me to meet everyone.  I wanted to join in and I walked for about 20 minutes and then I went back to New Brighton to wait for everyone.  It was an achievement for me and it felt great to get involved – we are a team and we help each other.”

Patrick said “I feel really proud of myself in that way – we worked well together and I hope we can do it again.”

Congratulations to everyone who completed the 4 miles, it was a huge achievement and well done to all the people who did 15 miles – everyone is amazing!

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