The Wirral Walk – The Long Way

On Sunday 28th  June People First Merseyside Members took part in TheWirral Walk. We were split into 2 group those who were walking 4 miles and those who were walking the full 15 miles.

The 15 mile walkers met really early in the morning before Central Station was even open! We caught the train to Wallesey and then the bus to Seacombe where the walk was to start.

The 15 milers were  Paul, Eric, Kyle, Iain, Laura, Alex, April,  Joanne, and Helen we were joined by Bernard Jackson and Elaine Darcy.

Sarah and her dad started the walk with us they zoomed ahead of us and manged to complete their objective of 10 miles in really good time they did amazing.

We started the walk ahead of schedule and were on our way by 9.15 am the weather was perfect not too hot and not too cold although we were worried that it may rain!!

We made good time and made it into New Brighton by 10.30am.

After a quick rest we continued along the prom onto the beach where we passed the 4 mile mark, we were still going strong,. the views were amazing all of the members were in good spirits.

By 12.30 pm we had made it to Meols which was around the half way point we stopped for a quick rest and some lunch and some of us even grabbed a quick ice cream to cool us down.

A little way down the road we found Pat and Tony Baxter waiting to cheer us on.

A lot of miles 11 – 13 were along the beach and took us all ther way to West Kirby where we had another chance for a rest, getting going again was getting harder and harder!!

All we had left was to walk into Thurstaston we knew this was going to be the hardest part of the walk but we were all in good spirits and determined to finish.

The last miles seemed to last forever but we all managed to finish the walk by 3.30pm everyone was exhausted but delighted.

It was an amazing achievement from everyone involved.



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