Prom Praise!

On Saturday 6th June members of The Road Ahead and HealthFirst Liverpool were given the amazing opportunity to see PromPraise at the Liverpool Philharmonic.  PromPraise is a unique blend of live music, word and worship combining the spirit of Songs of Praise and the world-famous Last Night of the Proms

Lisa, Kyle and E   ric represented People First and went along to support Annie from In Another Place who had been asked to play the double bass with the orchestra on stage as they were one person down. Lisa was delighted to see lots of people she knew included parent carer Joe Steen who was in the choir. The Orchestra was from London and the Choir made up of singers from around Merseyside.

Graham Kendrick was performing who is a famous Christian singer and the evening was electric.

Eric said “This is something I’d never had seen myself doing and something I’d never believe I would have done before. I’ve never been to the Philharmonic before.”

Kyle said “I especially liked the bit where we all joined I singing. If I ever got the chance to go again I would and I’d recommend it to all my friends to go.”

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