Our Group – Our Decisions, The Road Ahead

On Wednesday 24th June the Road Ahead held a steering meeting.  We decided:

1.  What we want to present to our Board of Directors on Monday

As a group, we decided who was going to present to the Board and what we wanted to say in our presentation.  The group decided that our co-chairs should present, and we would like one of our new trainers to tell the Board what they thought about being a trainer for the first time.  We had a long and hard discussion and finally chose 1 person who is going to feedback about what it was like to receive the training.

2.  We practised for the training

As a group we had a run through of an ice-breaker that we had not used on the last course – to see what people thought.  The group would like it to be a part of their next training.  It was also a good opportunity for people to stand up and speak up and build peoples confidence and self esteem – whilst having fun.

3. We had visitors

We had 3 people come along and meet the group and find out about the training.  It was great to meet and tell people about the training and put people at their ease.  It was great for people to meet the trainers and for our trainers to meet the new people!  It was a fantastic atmosphere and we are all looking forward to the course to start.

The next training course is starting on Friday 24th July at the MPAC Building – if you know anyone who wants to get involved please call 0151 707 6751 as there are only a couple of places left.

4. What’s coming up

The group wanted to talk about what is coming up – The Mons on the 1st July and what time people are going to meet up and what they are planning to wear, we talked about fishing in September and the training course at the Bluecoat over the summer.

It has been a busy, intense, fun, amazing day – well done to everyone on the Road Ahead!


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