Meeting with Police and Police Crime Commissioners Office

We had a Fantastic meeting  with Chief Inspector Paddy Kelly, Dr Jo Liddy who is the Chief Exectutive to the Police Crime Commissioner and Jennie Currie this morning to talk about hate crime, our relationship with the police and how we can improve Hate Crime reporting across Merseyside.

The group spoke about their experiences of being bullied and picked on, some members said that they didn’t like getting on the buses when the school children are on them.

Members said that in the past things have happened to them but they didn’t ring the police because they felt that they didn’t belive them or were to busy to deal with their issue.

The Police and the Police Crime Commissioners office are working hard to meet with people to find out their views and encouraging people to tell the police if something happens.

Nicola said ” the meeting was very good, because we got to learn more about hate crime.”

Kimberly said ” the meeting went really well because I was able to talk and listen. They said that every with say they will take on board. ”¬†


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